Friday 17 June 2016

Mister Chef Kitchen Equipment Review

Mister Chef are a brand new company selling kitchen equipment in the UK. Their range is varied and very modern. They specialise in silicone bakeware and some of the more gadgety equipment for kitchen, baking and sugarcraft. They recently sent us a bundle of products to take a look...

The first product that caught my eye was a little gadget that I didn't recognise at all! Looking like a little single axle car, with whirling blades inside. Luckily it was listed as a Garlic Chopper.

The Garlic Crusher (£8.99) really works very well as a chopper. It takes very little effort to wheel it across the worktop, chops (rather than crushes) to a good size. It comes apart into hinged halves and then the blade comes straight out for cleaning. A rinse under the tap and it's clean - much easier than trying to clean a traditional garlic press.

The next item is the Mini Pops mould (£7.99). Very cleverly designed with a plastic base/stand, and silicone moulds. This can be used to make ice pops, ice cream pops, chocolate pops, and even just ice balls.

The plastic 'handles' sit upright while it freezes, and feel just the right size when you use it for a 'lolly'. This is very neat. I like it a lot. My children really like it a lot. Getting the frozen lollies out is an absolute doddle.

The next item is the Popcorn Magic popcorn maker (£7.99). My boys adore this. It's so easy to use, the lid stays on in the microwave, 2-3 minutes popping, open it up (carefully to avoid burning yourself on the steam), and voila, it's full of popcorn.

It works really well and is only hot for a minute or so after use, before my boys can take it and sit on the sofa with a good movie...

This kind of silicone is pretty awesome. Not only microwave safe, you can also use it in the oven, and dishwash it.

Next item is the Squeezy Freezy slushie maker (£5.99). It's gorgeous to look at, with a double layer insulated wall with screw on cap and a screw on lid with a hole for the enclosed spoon straw.

We've had limited success with this. We haven't exactly had slushies, but we have managed icy drinks. It'll only work if your drink is already chilled, and is best if you freeze it for at least 6 hours, then fill with the drink, wait 5 minutes and then squeeze. At first it doesn't look like anything is happening, and then ice starts to form in your drink.

It's a good gimmick, and my children love it. They've been taking it in turns to have a drink after school. The spoon/straw makes it a special treat too and is a really great inclusion.  Well worth the price even though it hasn't yet delivered a real slushie - we'll keep practising.

The final item is the car-shaped Cake Tin (£7.99). This works so well, I'm delighted. It's got nice detailing with the lights and wheels, and even the windscreen indented.

I greased my tin before adding a standard 3 egg sponge cake recipe, and baked it low and long, at 160c for about 40 minutes.

I think next time I will try a 4 egg mix, however it still makes a great car, and the detail is all there - even before you begin to decorate your cake. The sponge is dark because I used golden sugar, but perfectly cooked through, and it fell out of the tin really easily after sitting for 5 minutes to cool slightly.

Super easy to clean, this is my favourite of the items I was sent, and a good price for a great novelty cake mould.

Mister Chef has some excellent products at good prices. If you like experimenting, unusual or decorative foods, then it has to be on your list of places to look. At the moment because they are brand new, they are building their website at Mister Chef, but you can reach them, see their latest news and ask any questions about stock, and buy from them via the Mister Chef Facebook page.


  1. Ohh! What great products.
    The Mini Pops mould looks fab! A great price too.
    I think I am going to have to have a closer look at Mister Chef x

    1. They are such a lot of fun. The boys have loved it :D x

  2. These look marvellous
    Go down a storm with my nephews

    1. They're loads of fun Margaret, really different and interesting products :)

  3. These look awesome. My little boy would love these. What great products x

    1. They really are excellent - the boys love them. I can honestly say we've never been without Vimto lollies since we got it :D


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