Friday 17 June 2016

Stickibox Cardboard Car Kit Review And Discount Code

We love a good cardboard box car here, but somehow they are always missing something. Stickibox hope to fill that gap by supplying Cardboard Car Kits for the young explorer in your house. Luckily we have just the chap living here, and we've been sent a Cardboard Car Kit for review.

The box arrived and along the edge is a sticker with a message from the creators, Pip and Kerry:
"Each Stickibox Kit enables a child to express their creativity and helps support key developmental skills. Once built, this simple box can transport your child on a journey of adventure.
Build, Design and Jump Inside."
I like that. It's a nice ethos. Open your box, and you find, unsurprisingly, a box! Flat-packed and really simple to construct.

My boys did struggle with this concept a bit - "Why not just send a box?" I explained it would get bashed and dirty and would probably cost more to post.

You can't quite see on the pictures, but the handles on the side are taped for strength, and the bottom of the box has a very large rectangular press-out section, which did remove nicely with no tearing.

As well as a box car, your package contains lots of other things to make your box into a real car, including wheels and a steering wheel printed onto thin card, and sticker sheets with lights, dials, wavy stripes and reg plates, plus plastic wing nuts and bolts to secure moving items.


Construction was entirely done by my 6 year old, with the exception that I made the holes in his vehicle. He chose where to poke the bolts through the card, which actually was very easy and he probably could have done it himself with a little guidance.

Annoyingly he didn't want to do anything exciting with his car. We could have followed the online instructions or used our imaginations and made a VW Camper, or a bin lorry, milk float, anything. He wanted a white car.

Frustrated as I was, he was delighted and really got to work to make his car. It took him about 10 minutes in total. Obviously some children will spend hours at this stage...

You'll notice he is actually sitting IN his car while he makes it. ON the table. Health and Safety would probably advise against this.

Thankfully we moved onto the floor for the stickers...which were easy enough to reposition as they occasionally didn't end up exactly right.


He chose and wrote the reg plate before I even realised he'd done it. I do think he can write neater than that, but his spelling is perfect. His name, the number 1, and his favourite thing this week, Skylanders. Obviously.

Vehicle complete as far as he's concerned - he wants a white car - it was time to test it. Children never cease to amaze me, and they spent the next half hour playing "crossing the road"...

My boys love their box car, much more so when it's dry and they can take it outside. Amazingly it still looks in pretty good condition, although the base has torn a little into the corners. I'm hoping that at some point he'll decide to paint it.

Toys like this exercise their imagination as well as their body, and are good clean fun. They let your child 'make' something they can enjoy and be proud of. It's mainly a 'delivery van' at the moment, but it's been a police car, it's gone on holiday, and it's practised being careful at crossings several hundred times....

Stickibox have a great website with loads of brilliant ideas for your box, as well as their Stickibox Car (£15) and Stickibox Car Activity Pack (£9).

Readers of my blog can get 20% off before the end of August 2016 by quoting the code 'Review20' at the checkout - making a Car Activity Pack £7.20 and a Stickibox Car £12.

We were sent our Stickibox Car kit for review.


  1. How great are these. Love it. Such fun and endless imagination x

    1. It is! I love letting kids have free play, it's amazing how many games they play even with it just as a white car! :D


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