Monday 6 June 2016

Cheerz Photogifts Review - Cheerz Photobox and Retro Magnets

I was recently asked on Instagram if I'd like to review for Cheerz, and I thought it would be quite nice to see some of my favourite Instagram photos turned into good old-fashioned photographs you can hold in your hand. Cheerz make a nice range of different gifts and have some novel ways to display your pictures. They're perfect for a proud Dad on Father's Day.

I chose the Cheerz Box. 30 prints in a nice 'letterbox' sized box. They're crisp and clear and the colours are very true. The border colours on these are lovely. The photos are cropped to square, and you can reposition them, resize and also add captions if you want. It's actually a fantastic way to save memories that you think you'll know forever, but time steals some of the information. I've labelled a few with dates, and I chose some of the very best smiles.

I really like this 'polaroid' style format, so I also chose the Retro Magnets and I'm so glad I did because these are absolutely excellent! Every bit as good as I could have hoped. For £15 you get a pack of 12 of your photos as a vintage style photo magnet.

The magnets are good quality and stick really well. The image is printed fairly sharply and even when the magnets are flexed, it stays true and attached, so shouldn't crack and ruin very quickly. The size is good, and the colours of the borders are excellent. Really bright and they make a really eye-catching display...

 Even once your children have played with them...

Everything was neatly and individually packaged, and delivery was really quick at 3-4 days! I honestly think these make a fabulous gift for anyone. Your family smiles, your friends, a special occasion or just to show off your best photography. Best fridge magnets ever. 

Cheers photogifts start at virtually pocket money prices, with the Cheerz Box with 30 photos £13 (plus £3 delivery). The Retro Magnets cost £15 (plus £2.50 delivery). Cheerz have all kinds of photo gifts, from framed photos to posters and albums. You can find out all you need to know on the Cheerz website....


  1. these look like a great idea for a family gift, I know I would love to receive the magnets. I love the format too, reminds me of my childhood square photos.

    1. They are great aren't they! I love the retro feel to it, and the colours! :)

  2. It's wonderfull idea for family !


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